Grave 2007
Collaboration with Merja Laine

Environmental and communal art piece that took place
in the grounds of a former hospital in Pyynikki, Tampere

Stages of the piece: 

1. Digging
 During the month of June 2007 we dug a grave on the place of an old crematorium in the grounds of a former hospital. The digging process was open for people to participate.

 2. Collecting thoughts
 On the weekend between June and July we set a table with paper, pens and a small coffin next to the grave. On the path, which led to the site we set a sign, which guided people to write their thoughts on a piece of paper and place it in the coffin. The site was open to the public continuously over the weekend. 

 3. Burial
 At the ceremony on the Sunday the coffin, containing people's thoughts, was sealed and slowly lowered into the grave. Once lowered, a cellist, Tiina Koskinen, started to play calm music. The grave was then filled with the help of the guests and a headstone was laid on the grave mound. The meaning of the grave was personal for each guest, so there was no inscription on the stone. For the same reason there was no official speech either. The simple ceremony was directed by the artists who were dressed entirely in white and performing bare footed


More pictures of the process here